What’s your favorite country?

This is my most frequently asked question. Even at this moment, I still have a hard time answering it. To be fair to myself and to the questioner, I would default to a top five answer. And to be quite honest, I give different answers every time depending on my mood. It’s a tricky question, really.

What’s my favorite country to visit? To live in? With the best food? For solo travel? My internal struggle is real.

Every time someone finds out I’m a traveler, the inevitable question comes up. You’d think I’d be a pro at answering by now.

Sorry to disappoint.

However, I finally made a list  I can default to for the next time I get asked. Based on today’s mood and in no particular order:



My love affair with Spain will always going to be one for the books as I spent almost a month traveling it and spent time traveling by myself. It was a place where all my favorite things are: sangria, tapas, art and history. Not to mention it is also the favorite of my favorites: Picasso and Hemingway.



Ah, the country I fell in love with as soon as I landed. Food, check. Culture, check. History, check. It is probably the cleanest country in the world. I love the modern Japanese bathrooms! And of course, let’s not forget the bullet trains. Japan is just the perfect mixture of exotic, modern and ancient. Most importantly, I had a lot of great memories with my Dad in Japan before he passed away.



Greece has been on top of my bucket list for the longest time, thanks to the Greek Mythology and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. So on my 30th birthday, I gifted myself with a two week trip to this beautiful country. Again, it has my favorite trifecta of food, culture and history. Can you see a pattern here?



For obvious reasons, the Philippines made it on my list. I mean,you know, it’s my Motherland. Besides being biased, we all know how it’s been dominating all over travel social media as ‘the one with the best beaches’….well because, it IS the one with the best beaches. Now you guys know why my beach standards are super high.


United Kingdom

The city where I wish I live in. If I can afford to live in London, I’d be there in a heartbeat.  It is  a very classy and cultured city.  The capital of broadway shows and musicals. Also, the whole Medieval times and lords and knights are very appealing to me. I’m also not shy to admit my love for the English accent.


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