See You Soon, Spain!

You have no idea how excited I am for this next trip.

Three more weeks before this lady be sippin’ sangrias and exploring the Iberian Peninsula. But who’s counting?

I’ve been wanting to go to Spain for as long as I remember. It may seem like I say that every time I go on a trip but that’s not really the case. Just for the record, here was my very first top five list:

  1. Greece
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. France

As you can see, I was SO into Europe when I was young and as of today, I’ve only been to three out of five.

I have been to so many more countries  since then and it doesn’t mean I like them any less, but this list was created by a young innocent child wanting to explore the world so I always keep it to close to my heart. Frankly, I think that child was a little too obsessed with Roman and Greek Mythology, King Arthur and Robin Hood, the Renaissance and the Parisian life. Can’t blame her!

But this trip’s itinerary is not just in Spain. I will be spending some time in Northern Morocco, Gibraltar and maybe Portugal. I haven’t bought my ticket back home yet. I didn’t want to plan everything before hand, and wanted to leave room for a little adventure.

Here’s the itinerary so far:

Spain Itinerary

Three of my friends will be joining me on the first half of the trip and then I will be solo traveling the rest of the time! We will be flying into Madrid from New York, then Seville, Malaga, Gibraltar, Tangier, Cordoba and end in Barcelona for the first half.

I will then be flying to Ibiza for a few days! My obsessive planning is only up to Ibiza for now. Most likely, I will fly to Lisbon and spend some time in Porto as well. Maybe. I haven’t booked that part yet! Aah, it’s so exciting!

If you have been done this type of itinerary before, I would love to hear your stories, suggestions and tips! Or you can just let me learn the hard way. That’s fine too. :p

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