Poland in Photos

I am always excited when I travel to a new place for the first time. It is one of those specials moments that can only happen once, like a first date or a first kiss. Everything relies on that first impression. My first time in Poland was pretty wonderful, despite the rainy weather. I went to Krakow, Warsaw and Wieliczka, and each one was different than the other. Krakow in particular, with its Medieval architecture and Gothic buildings, was a photographer’s paradise. Warsaw, being the country’s capital, was big and modern and Wieliczka gave me a peek into the Polish countryside.






I hard a tough time taking photos inside the Wielizcka Salt Mine, so I apologize for the grainy images. It was pretty dark down there and at times, there was very little light. As much as I love taking photos and getting on social media while traveling, I try to enjoy the moment and take in the amazing sights as much as possible. Let’s not forget to do that!

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