Poland and Pals

An unexpected trip to Poland just happened last weekend and it quickly turned out to be one of my favorite trips so far. Not sure if it was because I didn’t have any expectations or if it was because I was pretty much open about whatever adventure was out there. Ok, maybe I had some specific bucket list items but it wasn’t like I have a strict schedule to follow everyday.

However, I’m pretty sure one of the reasons I loved my short 4-day trip was the company I kept in Poland. Traveling with my best friend again after a 7 year hiatus (She got married and then had lots of kids! Oh you know, life got in the way.) AND meeting up with one of my close friends, who is now based in Krakow. You know a trip will always be  better when you have a local to guide you.


During our last night, my best friend D and I had dinner with my friend Michael who also took us around his favorite neighborhood – the Jewish Quarter. We also went into some of his favorite local bars which were  pretty crowded because  it was a Friday night. Surprisingly, I was barely on my social media and was not able to take a lot of photos and snaps …which I think was a good thing!

These two amazing people have been part of my life for more than ten years. They met me when I was fresh out of college and was eagerly working my first real jobs. They both have seen me grow up, and change over the years. I had an absolute great time catching up and reminiscing with two of the best people who know me so well. Who knew everything will come full circle? Life is funny that way.


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