Open House Chicago

Last weekend, I ignored the storm and spent two days chasing Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House this year. Who cares if I get soak and probably sick after? Who cares if I have to endure the horrendous city traffic? Who cares if I didn’t have time to eat just so my friends and I could make it to the one that closes early? Who cares if we have to risk our lives and drive down to the South Side just to get a glimpse of an old obscure building?

Ok, I exaggerate but you get the gist.

Open House Chicago is a free public event that offers behind-the-scenes access to more than 200 buildings across Chicago. Some of the city’s historical landmarks, skyscrapers, mansions, opulent theaters and exclusive private clubs are open to the public….for free.

You know I like free stuff.

Since the event only runs for two days, you have to make sure you make plans. Seriously. What are your priorities? What buildings do you want to see the most? Then make sure to check the dates and times. Some buildings have a very limited time frame and some even require to make reservations.

What to see during Open House Chicago

Yale Building


The Rookery


Robie House


St. Mary of Perpetual Help Parish


Stony Arts Bank


Congress Theater


Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Money Museum


The Blackstone Hotel


KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation


Side note: On my way to KAM Isaiah Israel Synagogue, which is located across the Obama’s Hyde Park house, I found myself walking behind Trevor Noah! Apparently he was in town all week for a show and he was also filming a skit for his late night show crew  in front of – you guessed it – Obama’s house! Celebrity sighting for the win!


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