Olympiapark Munich

The award for best Olympic Park landscape would go to Munich. I haven’t been to all of them yet but so far, Olympiapark looked like it could be part of Hobbiton. Ok, maybe not.

As you know, Germany has a turbulent past. Olympiapark Munich’s violent history is an unfortunate part of that. The park was built for the 1972 Summer Olympics and it is still being used for events today.

What I Ioved most about this park is its landscape. Olympiapark’s concept then was ‘Green Olympics’ and thanks to its architects, they were able to design a stadium that is harmoniously integrated to the environment. It is a photographer’s dream! Here are some of the amazing images:


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Munich is a colorful city with a lot of history. It is more than just a city for Oktoberfest. I recommend adding Olympiapark to your Munich list. You will not regret it!

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