Holiday Getaway

For the first time in my life, I spent Christmas away from my family. This is my favorite holiday and my family are Christmas people. Traditionally, we always spend it together as much as we can. Needless to say, I don’t ever travel around this time. But the end of 2017 seemed to work itself out. Not only did my Mom give me a pass this year since the fam are taking my niece and nephew to Disney in Orlando, but the art gallery where I work is closed during the last week of the year, an added benefit for the staff. One which I am very happy to have!

So, where can you go with having a week off from work during Christmas? To see the Northern Lights of course!

November and December have been particularly busy for me at work since I managed our biggest arts and crafts fair – the Winter Expo. I’ve been working until the day before I left for Sweden! A lot of people think all I do is travel and go on vacation or that travel blogging on the side is as easy as taking selfies for Instagram. But of course, they don’t have any idea of the hours I work at my full-time job AND the big responsibility that I bear on my shoulders being a Senior Director. That is why I travel. Work-life balance is important.

Although, I must admit my leisure has also turned into a part-time job. Being a travel writer, blogger and photographer requires time, effort and skills. I don’t think I will ever be a full-time blogger. I like being carefree while traveling most of the time. And most of all, I love having a career that I’m also passionate about. One can’t be that blessed, so I’m always gracious. That is why this end of the year trip was important.

It may seem like I always try to find balance in everything

.As for my destination, I was looking for something different this time.

I needed an adventure that was unique and memorable. And so I did.

Watch out for my next  few posts as I put together my stories and photos during my trip to the Arctic Circle and Sweden. Bear with me as today is literally my first day back at work.


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Jen is a Chicago-based traveler and a full-time Director of Development for an arts & culture organization. Originally from Connecticut, she created JetsettingJen as a place to share her travel stories and photos with friends and family. Now, it is a place for adventurers, explorers and dreamers. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage people to see the world and achieve a better work-life balance.