Chopin Museum

I’m a frustrated pianist.

Growing up in a typical overachieving Asian family, music is only one of the things I was expected to learn. Everybody in the family knows how to play at least one instrument. It’s a requirement. And so when I was little, I was taught how to play the piano by my first teacher – a very strict aunt.

I loved playing the piano, minus the wrist slaps. It is a skill that requires patience, passion and time. Things that I eventually didn’t have as much as I got older. But that didn’t mean my interest waned.

Plus, I have a thing for old masters.

Chopin Museum

Warsaw is a two-hour train ride from Krakow. We got off the Central Station and walked from there. A ticket only costs 22 PLN, which is roughly 6 USD. The Chopin Museum is regarded as one of the most high tech museums in Europe. Fryderyk Chopin was born in Warsaw and you can learn everything about his life and music in this museum. One of the things I like is how interactive the museum is.


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