Bahamas Weekend Getaway

The Bahamas is a great weekend getaway destination, especially for those who are in the U.S. East Coast. Fly to Nassau and spend a day exploring the city center, and then spend the next day at the beach. Downtown Nassau is packed with restaurants and stores as well as souvenir shops. The city is also a popular cruise port so there might be a big crowd from time to time. If you are on a budget, you can always stay away from the tourist area and opt for the local establishments.

I particularly enjoyed the historical aspect of Nassau, something I feel that has been overlooked since visitors go to the resorts and beaches right away and neglect the cultural attractions.




There’s also a charming art district for those who are looking to buy paintings.

IMG_1996 IMG_1997

Head out to the big outdoor market where you can find tons of souvenirs, clothes, bags, shoes and everything else. Be forewarned though, some of the vendors may be aggressive.

IMG_2004 IMG_1949




The Beach

Of course, the best part would be the beach…and the drinks!

IMG_2003 IMG_3926 IMG_3936





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