Angel No More

As the end of the year signifies another beginning, the timing of creating a new chapter could not be more perfect. About eight years ago,  somewhere in between traveling and working, someone has joked about me sending out email updates to friends and family so they can keep up with my photos, travel stories and whereabouts. Who has time for that when you have a full-time job?

So, I thought keeping a travel blog would be better. (Insert facepalm emoji)

As much as I enjoyed being the “Angel of Wanderlust”, (thanks to an old friend who coined that nickname), it was a name I hastily chose without much consideration. One, I never expected to become a real travel blogger. And two, I never even thought of sharing personal  stories to strangers.

Fast forward to the present…. now that I’m older, much wiser (I hope) and sarcastic than ever, I hope to continue sharing my stories through this multi-media diary the way only I can. By being myself.

Plus, all my social media handles were already @Jetsettingjen.

I may no longer be an angel, but I will always be a jetsetter.




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Jen is a Chicago-based traveler and a full-time Director of Development for an arts & culture organization. Originally from Connecticut, she created JetsettingJen as a place to share her travel stories and photos with friends and family. Now, it is a place for adventurers, explorers and dreamers. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage people to see the world and achieve a better work-life balance.